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Why Wiggle Way?

...because everything in nature wiggles, and wiggling is the nature of being. The worms, the roots, the mycelium & the waterways are all wiggling away!

The human brain wants to categorize, put things into boxes, and make it all just right, but our plans often wiggle themselves out of our grids and take new forms.


We can adapt to changes & wiggle our way through these times, allowing nature's patterns to guide our way.

What's Wiggle Way Farm all about?

We grow medicinal herbs, food & native with beyond organic regenerative practices. We are not yet certified organic, but are pesticide/herbicide-free zone & take utmost care to ensure the health of the soil, watershed, plants and animals. 

We make herbal products out of the plants we grow. If there is an ingredient in our formulas we didn't grow, we source organically and locally as possible, and are working on growing that plant up to be able to harvest. Some medicines take years in the ground before harvest is possible.

We start our plants from seed, which we originally source from the wild or seed companies like Strictly Medicinal Seeds, Adaptive Seeds and Uprising Seeds. All of these seed companies are committed to biodiversity and encourage seed saving. We are dedicated to saving as many seeds as we can, and view seed-saving as a an equally crucial aspect to farming as planting or harvesting.

Native plant restoration is a very important part of what we do here. We take the time to manually remove invasive plants, and plant natives back where they belong. Native plants heal the soil and create habitat restoration for the native pollinators and many other animals who have evolved with these plants.

Who - What - Where - When - Why

Ash Tree established Wiggle Way Farm in 2021 in  because locally grown food, medicine & native plant restoration is needed now more than ever on personal, local, and global levels... not to mention the pure joy that comes from working closely with the earth!

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