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Why "Wiggle Way"?

...because everything in nature wiggles...wiggling is the nature of being. The worms, the roots, the mycelium & the waterways are all wiggling away!

The human brain wants to categorize, put things into boxes, and make it all just right, but our plans (& plants) often wiggle themselves out of our grids and take new forms.


We can adapt to changes & wiggle our way through these times, allowing nature's patterns to guide our way.

What's Wiggle Way Farm all about?

We grow medicinal & culinary herbs, food & native plants in Harmony with the Earth (without the use of any chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides). Fertility is powered by cover cropping, worm-castings, & compost we make at the farm. Pests are managed by planting diversity to attract beneficial insects, and the occasional row cover for some plants. Weeds are controlled by hoeing, hand-weeding, and compost mulch.

We make herbal products out of primarily the plants we grow, and occasionally forage some local plants if they are in great abundance and not threatened in any way.

We dry our herbs in small batches in a large dehydrator or on drying racks in a room with a dehumidifier and fan.

For most tinctures, we use Pixie Honey Shine Spirits, which is a pure medicinal (190 proof / 95% alcohol) menstruum distilled by our friend Benjamin Pixie, from pure untreated honey foraged by bees in Washington State. 

We start our plants from seed to help the plant continue to adapt to the changing environment and to grow stronger plants with naturally formed root systems and genetic individuality. To get started with a new plant species, we wild-harvest small amounts of seeds, or source from local Oregon seed companies with open-pollinated varieties like Strictly Medicinal Seeds and Adaptive Seeds. We are dedicated to saving as many seeds as we can to close the loop on production, and share seeds with others. We view seed-saving as a an equally crucial aspect to farming as planting or harvesting.

Mission Statement 

Wiggle Way Farm grows a diversity of plants for the benefit of the planet and people. We want to empower and educate people how to grow their own herbs and source food and medicine as locally as possible.

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